I'm Mitch - The Yorkshire Bass Player

I write music
play in bands
and make videos

Why are we here?

This website is just a little place where I like to put some of my work and where I can connect with people who might want to work with me. I'm available for session and gig work of all sorts so feel free to get in touch through the contact page. I am based in Yorkshire but frequently travel to different parts of the country.

As well as playing bass guitar I also enjoy playing classical guitar, piano, drums and saxophone. I write and record music at home which I share with people who want to listen. I like to help people out with other music projects and sometimes write about these experiences on my blog.


Live and studio recordings of some low end rumblings


Take a listen to some of my recorded music


Get in touch if you would like to book me to play with you or want to ask about any of my music.

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